14 Days of jQuery

An online event marking the release of jQuery 1.4. To celebrate, we're unveiling 14 releases over a period of 14 days.

Day Five

Today's News

appendTo Enterprise jQuery Training Drawing

appendTo has offered to give away a free ticket to their upcoming jQuery 1.4 training. In addition, they will provide airfare within the continental United States and four nights of lodging. The training will be held February 17 – 19 in Denver, Colorado.

The prize will be drawn from those who have submitted their name to the drawing. In order to participate in this contest you must submit your name on the 14 Days of jQuery Event appendTo Enterprise Training Drawing webpage.

appendTo delivers jQuery training and services to thought leaders worldwide who adapt the latest JavaScript technologies to stay connected to customers and maintain an online competitive advantage.

jQuery 1.4 Hawtness #1, with Paul Irish

The first of six installments, Paul walks you through the improvements and additions to the API in jQuery 1.4. He demonstrates with real-world examples how you’ll put these new features to use, along with recommendations on performance and useful hints on the internals.

In Hawtness #1, Paul covers the .live() and .closest() methods. All code discussed is viewable on pastie.org